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Thai Massage Trainings



Whether you'd like to learn new tools to add to massage or bodywork you already provide, or delight your yoga students in savasana or simply share with friends & family a few new & super relaxing massage techniques, take a look below at the selection of workshops open to ALL levels.

Date: Friday, Mar 6

Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm

Hosted by: Modo Yoga Brooklin

Investment: $60 +hst  
Modo members receive a 15% discount

During this 3 hour workshop, you'll learn a mini Thai Massage. This 15 minute whole body sequence includes some assisted stretching and touch techniques to enhance circulation, help calm the nervous system and aid relaxation.

Throughout, you will both receive Thai Massage from another participant learning & practice Thai massage techniques on someone. As is the case with Traditional Thai Massage, work will be done on the floor, on a mat, fully clothed.

This introduction will provide you with a few Thai Massage techniques to share with family, friends & loved ones. If you're a yoga teacher, it'll provide a few hands-on techniques to share with your students during restful poses. It's also a great way to discover if you'd like to invest in learning more Thai Massage in the future.

Registration is through  Modo Yoga Brooklin. Click HERELocate March 6 on the schedule and click to register. 


Time: 12 noon - 6 pm

Hosted by: Modo Yoga Brooklin

Investment: $120 +hst

Modo Members receive a 15% discount

Join me to learn a relaxing Thai Fusion Head and Neck Massage. We'll cover a blend of techniques from ancient Eastern traditions. The massage for this workshop will be received seated in a chair and given in a standing position.


Content will include:

• marma (energy) points & sen lines of the head, ears, neck & upper shoulders

• basic anatomy of the cranium/skull

• appropriate touch techniques & stances

• tips & techniques for giver/receiver safety & comfort throughout the massage

Combine it with the bodywork you are already doing or learn it as a stand alone 30 minute massage. Then, share it with friends, family members and loved ones.



Postponed until May

due to Covid19 

Registration is through Modo Yoga Brooklin. Click HERE ! Locate April 4 on the schedule. Click to register.  

Thai Massage Continuing Education

Already a Thai Massage Practitioner?

 If so, this Thai Massage

Continuing Education Series is for you.

Moving Closer to the Master Within

This series of two day courses is for those who have already completed a basic or principle certification with an existing school of Thai Massage. Exceptions to this will be visited on an individual basis.


Those who will get the most value from this series are those who:

• seek new touch techniques, moves and stretches to enhance the bodywork already being practiced

• want to increase (or review) basic anatomical knowledge

• wish to fine tune or enhance how to 'listen' to the body through the sense of touch, visual & intuitive cues 

•desire the benefits of community and want to connect with like-minded people

Date: Sat. Feb 29 - Sun March 1

Time: 10am - 7pm • Daily

Location: Whitby, ON 

Earlybird 'til Feb 12 = $250 +hst

Investment After Feb 12th: $290 +hst

This course offers ways for the healthy spine to enjoy 6 degrees of freedom. Included:

A variety of static & dynamic movements, stretches, compressions, touch techniques and postures for the sides of the body, chest, spine and low back arranged in a beautiful sequence.

Utilizing the 6 degrees of motion for the spine, we will learn subtle touch techniques to help calm the central nervous system, learn Sen lines & key marma points + basic anatomy of major muscles of the back.

Each day will include time spent watching, learning and practicing massage on fellow participants.

Course handouts will be provided.

Will be offered again in Late 2020

Open to certified Thai Massage practitioners looking to learn more skill sets • 10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer • Credit Card only via the website & deposit required

Street address will be given upon registration

Date: Sat March 28 - Sun March 29

Time: 10am - 7pm daily

Location: Whitby, ON

Earlybird = $250 +hst
Investment after Earlybird = $290 +hst

This course will provide you with a beautiful flow of movements & techniques that will expand your side lying repertoire.

Side lying can address the whole body. In fact, a full Thai Massage can be given in this position. Energy line work, marma points and unique ways of addressing the legs, hips, back body, shoulders, neck & head will be included.


Side lying is ideal for clients not comfortable lying flat on their back or face down for any reason, especially pregnancy. Much of the side lying work can also transfer to a table. 

Postponed due to Covid19.

New date will be released soon

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer • Credit Card only via the website & deposit required

Street address given upon registration


Date: Sat May 30 - Sun May 31

Time: 10am - 7pm • Daily

Location: Whitby, ON

Earlybird 'til March 31 = $250 +hst
Investment After March 31 = $290 +hst

This course will share how to take the traditional mat Thai Massage up on to the massage table safely and effectively.


This is a course appropriate for RMT's, Osteopaths and Facial Stretch therapists as well as Thai Massage practitioners looking to offer their work from the massage table.  Especially good for those clients who can not or struggle to get to the floor for a traditional mat style Thai Massage. 

You will receive a flow of Thai style touch techniques and postures equating to a

50-60 minute Table Thai massage.

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer • Credit Card only via the website & deposit required

Street address given upon registration