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Jan 30, 2023 - Feb 19, 2023

21 | 21 | 21 Meditation & Mindfulness Commitment

  • 21Days

Program Details

21 Days | 21 min of Meditation | 21 Mindfulness Activities Want to build your inner reserves & hone self awareness this winter? Make a commitment to your mental health & overall wellness! Meditation requires Mindfulness. The practices go hand in hand. Building mindfulness greatly enhances the meditation experience. So, this program involves BOTH daily seated meditation & mindfulness activities. It serves as a great introduction to seated meditation, or a way to revisit the practice, as we'll gradually build our intervals of sitting. Using breath as an anchor to the moment, we practice cultivating presence & self awareness. This 21 Day Commitment requires self guided daily seated meditations and daily mindfulness exercises. As well, we'll gather as community live online to 'sit' a minimum of four times. Group Sits or meditations are via Zoom. SAVE THE DATES & TIMES! Note: the 1st one is a Monday while the following 3 are Sundays. There is daily online support via actionable steps for meditation plus mindfulness activities including the chance to reflect & share observations. The amount you participate is up to you. Each week we will build our ability to sit longer intervals in meditation. By the final week, everyone will try 21 minutes straight through. Community Sits 2023 (EST Time): Mon, Jan 30 | Sunrise | 7:10-7:40am Sun, Feb 5 | Sunset | 5:30-6pm Sun, Feb 12 | Sunrise | 7-7:30am Sun, Feb 19 | Sunset | 5:50-6:20pm

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