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Schedule | Summer/Early Autumn 2022

While things were shut down, Metta Movement began it's journey online with classes & workshops.

Tracey will continue sharing inside the Online Studio going forward although, a few of the offerings will go on hiatus through Summer 2022 as Tracey integrates in-person classes & trainings back into the schedule.


Through Summer 2022, there will be 2 weekly online live classes on Monday evening and Thursday morning. 

Monday's 75 minute Reset & Restore class will run throughout yet Thursday mornings Strengthen & Stabilize class will take a hiatus through August only. 


In advance of each class ... get your own space set up with props ready and your practice area cleared. Then, join us. If you don't have commercial yoga props, check out these short videos for tips on household items that can be used instead. 



Carving out a space - no matter how small - in your living area and making it your dedicated sacred place to sit in meditation or get on your mat can sometimes make all the difference to the consistency of your practice.   

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