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Thursday Night Restorative Yoga+

Mellow out in the Zoom Room during this 1 hour class.

Experience deep conscious nurturing rest during this 1 hour Restorative Yoga class.

During this 4 week session, Tracey will lead you through restorative poses that flow one to the next. She'll guide you in & out of postures and make sure you are propped appropriately for maximum rest.


What's the '+' part? ... sometimes there will be a reading shared & at other times complete silence. Sometimes there will be a breathing exercise added and at other times a body scan.   

Working from Home these days?
Finding yourself sitting in unusual positions and getting uncomfortable more frequently?
your way into the afternoon!
Mondays Thursdays 
In 30 minutes, we'll flow through a comprehensive sequence of movements designed to both stretch and strengthen.
These classes will ease tension, enhance mobility, get circulation flowing & help clear your mind space for the afternoon ahead.

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Currently, there are over 60+ different full classes to choose from in the "Live Recordings" channel as well as a growing number of pre-recorded Mini Classes & shorter sessions inside 2 other channels - Restorative and Move & Meditate (Flow Yoga, Functional Movement & Meditation)

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