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Thai Massage & Trainings

"Tracey has been giving Thai Massage for 19+ years [and many have been trained by her]. She is awesome: so skilled, sensitive touch, intelligent, and kind. Highly recommended!!" ~K.B.

"Thank you for a most amazing session. Your healing hands are very appreciated. Memories of the Buddha fingers. Thanks." ~R.T.

"You give the absolute best Thai Massage ever and I miss those massages so much [now that I've moved away]. Just thought I should let you know how much of a godsend you are." ~Natalie O.  

"I've learned a ton of info & feel confident in pursuing this new venture. Tracey has been an amazing teacher thorough and EXTREMELY informative. I wouldn't be here [in this class] if it were not for her" ~student feedback


"Tracey is amazing! Her years of experience are extremely evident. She's always got something in her bag of tricks to help us become the best we can be." ~student feedback 

"Great knowledge, attention to detail and insight into customization & modifications. Tracey is a talented, caring teacher." ~K.B.

"Comprehensive & encompassing. I love the pace. Keeping it [class size] small, engaging and playful worked so well." ~Eric C.

'Lots of attention to detail & nice flow. I liked how the information was taught." ~Teresa B.

"This was wonderful! Loved the small group setting and delivery of the content. Can't wait for more." ~ Amy N.

"Wonderful instruction. Very patient and easy to talk to." ~ H. Powell, RMT 

"Tracey is an excellent teacher, calm, organized and a great communicator. She creates a relaxed and safe environment for optimal learning. Tracey has a keen eye for proper body mechanics and is quick to help modify for different body needs for both the receiver and the therapist. She is a passionate and generous teacher and I am looking forward to learning more! ~ L. Clifton, RMT 

Restorative Yoga

"I was introduced to Tracey’s restorative yoga in 2009 by a friend who knew me to be recovering from extensive surgeries and treatments for cancer.  This same friend, also a palliative care nurse, insisted that if I did nothing else in the next months...I must get myself to one of Tracey’s classes.  I am so grateful I listened...Tracey’s restorative classes have been pure gift. Her confident, gentle yet strengthening nature has been healing and inspiring for me. With Tracey’s help, I have built confidence in my body’s ability to breathe and restore itself and it has co-operated.  Tracey’s kindness and skill encourage me to go well beyond what I imagine as limits.  Combining yoga postures with Thai massage is a potent intervention that opens the body to release and energize. Tracey is a master at this. Both my husband and I have reaped many benefits from our work in her restorative classes and mini-retreats. I cannot recommend highly enough Tracey’s skill and gifts as teacher and healer." ~ Betty P

Prenatal Yoga

"The only thing that got me through was concentrating on the breathing exercises we used in yoga.  I am also convinced that all the yoga I practiced through your class made both the delivery and recovery period much, much easier than expected.  A big thanks for a very enjoyable

class!" ~ D.A.

"I did want to let you know my daughter's birth went very well and I attribute most of my good experience to my yoga practice with you. As with [my son's birth], I believe the number one thing that I did to prepare for labour was pre-natal yoga and I was and am so glad that I had the opportunity to do it with you again!...Both [my husband] and I were very appreciative of the massage techniques he learned in your birthing workshop. They really did the trick - along with breathing and sounding - while we were at home." ~ K.P.

"I was happy to have all of the breathing practice under my belt from your classes... Tracey, I also wanted to thank you for your language in class.  I like the fact that you never spoke about delivery as something difficult or something to be feared, but rather used a whole different language around it such as the "birthing event" and "bringing baby earthside".  All of that imagery really helped me in my birthing event and I know it will help countless other Moms.  So a heartfelt THANK YOU to you for the amazing classes and your help in this journey." ~M.C.


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