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Tuesdays & Thursdays at Modo Yoga Brooklin

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What is Slow Flow?
It's a class of mindful, breath-led movement. A combo of vinyasa blended with longer holds in posture giving time to explore - sensation, breath, alignment right for you and more. Sometimes props are used & sometimes not. It is not gentle (although it can be :D) yet it is never fast paced or vigorous. Classes will be sprinkled with pranayama/breath exercises and brief seated meditations too.
For whom is this class appropriate?
Anyone looking to slow the practice down and explore in a room that isn't HOT - so, the beginner, the seasoned practitioner and pregnant women are welcome too as I'm a seasoned prenatal teacher and can modify for any trimester.

What is Restorative yoga?
This class is not active movement-based rather passive in nature. The body creates shapes over & around props (blocks, bolsters, blankets, the wall, the floor) and when propped appropriately, the person moves toward deep conscious rest in each posture. Given class is only 75 minutes, each posture is held at least 10 minutes.


For whom is this class appropriate?
A class of all. Especially delicious for those seeking a calm, nurturing, healing and deep rest inspiring environment.


What is it?

A sweet blend of traditional practices

Here are a few ways I see these traditional practices are connected ... both grew from traditional systems of medicine; both practices have innate intelligence; both involve passive postures situated over props - be it yoga props or the Thai practitioner; both help build proprioception, deeper awareness, presence in the moment. With practice, both draw the participant toward deep conscious rest and stillness helping increase one's capacity for calm. As well, they are both about creating space within - space that allows life force energy (prana or lom pran) to flow more freely. 

A RestoraTHAI event is typically a 2 hour journey that serves to encourage one's whole being to move toward deep conscious rest. First comes the restorative yoga pose and its appropriate set up. Then comes the option of receiving nurturing Thai Massage style touch techniques in each pose to help the body relax and rest more fully. Thai Massage is received in every posture unless another arrangement has been made between the participant & workshop lead.


This nurturing 2 hour monthly offering runs at Modo Yoga Brooklin the last Wednesday of each month.

Remaining Wed night dates for 2023:

OCT 25 and DEC 27

(No NOV class due to SPECIAL EVENT ⬇️)


$60 pp | $51 for Modo Members

REGISTER USING THE Modo Yoga International app OR call the studio directly at 905-425-5683

Class size is limited to ONLY 6 people allowing for more nurturing Thai Massage care to be shared throughout. 


Rest & Recover Event | Dec 3rd
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