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Six Reasons to Add Breathing Practices to your Daily Life:


  1. Strengthens the respiratory system ... think of it as lung-training;

  2. Aids the nervous system by inducing a state of calm;

  3. Encourages a balancing of the two hemispheres of the brain;

  4. Reduces the effects of stress & anxiety;

  5. Helps clear your mind or improves clarity of thought;

  6. Clears stagnate energy by encouraging the flow of life force energy (Prana/Chi/Ki) through the energetic channels.

Take a moment to yourself! Have a listen and follow along!

Breath = Life Force Series 
Balancing and Calming Breathing Practices 

Introduction to Breathing Exercises & Disclaimer

Episode 1

Balancing Breath
Episode 2
Alternate Nostril Breath
Episode 3
Calming Breath
Episode 4
Calming Breath #2

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