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Virtual Thai Massage Workshops

Open to All Levels

Whether you'd like to learn new tools to add to massage or bodywork you already provide, delight your yoga students in savasana or simply share with friends & family a few super relaxing massage techniques, take a look below at the selection of workshops open to ALL levels.

Self Care •Virtual Mini Massage Series• Treat yourself

These 45 minute virtual mini workshops will teach you self-massage techniques & tools you can use anytime, anywhere + they can be easily shared with loved ones! Using massage tools you have on your body, like your hands, thumbs, forearms, you will learn touch techniques to effectively massage acupressure points (marma) and energy lines (sen lines) on your FEET, HANDS & FACE


A Few Reasons to Learn Self-Massage Techniques:

 • help you feel better in your body

• decrease tension and discomfort

• improve immune function and overall health

• aid in quality of sleep

• reduce the effect of stress and anxiety



ALL the Thai Style Self Massage Love. 

Feet + Hands + Face

Thursday Evenings

Sept 10, Sept 17 & Sept 24

7:15-8:00 pm ET


Only *$50 all in


* 15% savings for Online Studio Member Plan 12.

DM to get discount code.




In Ayurveda, there's a saying "your body's inner pharmacy sits in the soles of your feet". Massaging the feet positively effects the all the systems of the body.


Thursday, Sept 10, 2020 

7:15-8 pm ET




The hands do so much for us. They allow us to express non-verbally, are vehicles for creativity, love & affection. They are extensions of the heart centre or anahata chakra.  AND ... They've become dried up like prunes from all the sanitizer & washing they've been subjected to lately. It's time to give your hands some TLC.


Thursday, Sept 17, 2020

7:15-8 pm ET



... and your Head & Neck.


It's amazing how much tension we hold in our face & jaw, forehead and skull. Focussing on energy points (marma), we'll melt away that stress and holding allowing breath to flow more freely. It'll increase circulation, help rejuvenate the skin and replenish your energy. 


Thursday, Sept 24, 2020

7:15-8 pm ET


Thai Massage Continuing Education

Already a Thai Massage Practitioner?

These Thai Massage 

Continuing Education Trainings 

are for you.

This series of two day courses is for those who have already completed a basic or principle certification with an existing school of Thai Massage. Exceptions to this will be visited on an individual basis.


You will get the heaps of value from this Continuing Education Series if you: 

• seek new touch techniques, moves and stretches to enhance the bodywork already being practiced

• want to increase (or review) basic anatomical knowledge

• wish to fine tune or enhance how to 'listen' to the body through the sense of touch, visual & intuitive cues 

•desire the benefits of community and want to connect with like-minded people

New Date Posted • Limited to 8 people

Only 5 spots remain!!

Sat. Oct 24 + Sun. Oct. 25

10am - 7pm daily

Whitby, ON

Earlybird 'til  = $260 +hst
Investment after Earlybird = $300 +hst

This course will provide you with a beautiful flow of movements & techniques that will expand your side lying repertoire.

Side lying can address the whole body. In fact, a full Thai Massage can be given in this position. Energy line work, marma points and unique ways of addressing the legs, hips, back body, shoulders, neck & head will be included.


Side lying is ideal for clients not comfortable lying flat on their back or face down for any reason, especially pregnancy. Much of the side lying work can also transfer to a table. 

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer • Credit Card only via the website & deposit required

Exact address given upon registration


New Date Set • Limited to 8 people

Sat. Nov. 21 - Sun. Nov 22

10am - 7pm • Daily

Whitby, ON

Earlybird 'til Sept 15 = $260 +hst
Investment after Sept 15 = $300 +hst

This course will share how to take your Thai Massage up on to the massage table safely and effectively.


This is a course appropriate for RMT's, Osteopaths & Facial Stretch therapists as well as Thai Massage Practitioners looking to acquire new skills for the massage table.  Especially good for those clients who either can not or struggle to get to the floor for a mat or traditional Thai Massage. 

You will receive a flow of touch techniques & postures amounting to a 50-60 minute Table Thai massage.

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer • Credit Card only via the website & deposit required

Exact address given upon registration


Date: TBA Early 2021

This course offers ways for the healthy spine to enjoy 6 degrees of freedom. Included:

• A variety of static & dynamic movements, stretches, compressions, touch techniques and postures for the sides of the body, chest, spine and low back arranged in a beautiful sequence.

• Utilizing the 6 degrees of motion for the spine, we will learn subtle touch techniques to help calm the central nervous system, learn Sen lines & key marma points + basic anatomy of major muscles of the back.

Each day will include time spent watching, learning and practicing massage on fellow participants.

Course handouts will be provided.

Will be offered again Early 2021

Open to certified Thai Massage practitioners looking to learn more skill sets • 10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer • Credit Card only via the website & deposit required

Street address will be given upon registration

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