Thai Massage Trainings

Virtual & In-Person

Trainings Open to All Levels:

Begin a new career path. Learn new tools to add to massage / bodywork you already provide or delight your yoga students in savasana. You might want to simply share these super relaxing massage techniques with loved ones. Whatever the reason, Thai Massage is a game changer!  

Introducing Metta Movement's 
• Thai Massage Certification Program •
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Thurs Sept 30 - Sun Oct 3, 2021

Begin your Thai Massage Certification journey with Senior Teacher & long-time practitioner Tracey Currie and Metta Movement Arts! 


Whether you want to share with your loved ones, embark on a new path or add to the toolbox of services you already provide, join us!


Embrace this offering to enhance your knowledge base, develop new skills and move into this highly effective and spiritually-based bodywork modality.



ESSENTIALS 1 Course = 32 contact hours 

Course Duration = 4 days


Certification Stream Requirement:

Practicum = 20 practice massages (90 min each)

Supervision =  one 3 hr 1:1 supervision


TOTAL: 35 contact + 30 practicum hours

It's be a tough year for many of us! If for any reason you need to set up a payment plan, please don't hesitate to contact us to make suitable arrangements that allow for comfort within your budget. 

If you're an active Metta Movement Online Studio Annual Member and plan to register, contact us to get the 15% promo code.

Metta Movement Arts is excited to begin sharing this beautiful bodywork with more people. We are happy to get things rocking & rolling with Thai Massage ESSENTIALS 1.

What You Can Expect:

• This course will offer a solid foundation in the art of Thai Massage. This Essentials 1 course - on it's own - will not certify you as a Thai Massage practitioner yet it is the first step.

• A full 1.5 hour Thai Massage will be learned. 

• An introduction to Metta Movement's 4 cornerstones to providing a transformative Thai Massage. 

• You'll learn foundational touch techniques & tools + how to effectively move around the mat keeping your body & the receiver's body safe.

•  The ability to work at ground level on a large mat is required. You need to be comfortable getting up and down from the floor. (If this is a factor for you, please contact us to discuss options)

• There will be hands-on practice throughout the entire course both receiving and giving. Practice truly begins with an exchange of the full massage on the final day.


• The required PPE gear & practices + sanitizing/cleaning protocol will be used throughout the duration of the course to keep everyone safe. Closer to course dates, registrants will be notified about the location and any PPE requirements

• No previous experience in Thai Massage or bodywork is necessary.

• For registrants wanting to move through the certification process, upon completion of the course there will be 20 documented practice massages required + a three hour 1:1 Supervision with the lead teacher. This supervision will cost an extra $200 Cdn ($177+hst)) to be paid to Metta Movement Arts at the time of booking. If travel distance prohibits a 1:1 supervision, individual arrangements will be made as required.



Step 1 = Essentials 1 course + 20 documented practice massages + one 3-hr supervision = 65 hours 

Step 2 = Full Certification Program details coming soon!


Thai Massage

Continuing Education

Already certified in Thai Massage? 

Are you a Registered Massage Therapist

with Thai Massage training?

Check out these Continuing Education Trainings and add to your toolbox!

This Advanced Series of two day courses is for those who have already completed a basic or principle certification with an existing school of Thai Massage. (Exceptions to this will be visited on an individual basis.) Or, Registered/Licensed Massage Therapists with previous Thai Massage training.


You will get the heaps of value from this

Continuing Education Series if you: 

• seek new touch techniques, moves and stretches to enhance the

bodywork already being practiced

• want to increase (or review) basic anatomical knowledge

• wish to fine tune or enhance how to 'listen' to the body through 

touch, visual & intuitive cues 

•desire the benefits of community and connecting with like-minded people while learning new skills to better serve your client base

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In-Person 2021 Continuing Education

Thai Massage Trainings


This course will share how to give a highly effective 60 minute Thai Massage up on the massage table.

You will learn touch techniques & moves that ensure your safety, and that of your client too, as you maneuver around and share the table space.

This is a great course if you've been giving Traditional Thai Massage on the ground & want to bring it up off the mat OR the reverse ... you're an RMT or certified bodyworker wanting to introduce Thai Massage to your current client base. Table Thai can be a great segue into providing Thai Massage down on the mat.

Up Off the Ground: Table Thai Massage course is open to all certified Thai Massage practitioners or those with some Thai Massage experience + all RMT's or bodyworkers already familiar with a massage table and looking to add new tools to their toolbox of offerings.

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer or Credit Card • Currently PayPal only via the website.

Exact address given upon registration


This course offers ways for the healthy spine to enjoy 6 degrees of freedom.


We will cover:

• A variety of static & dynamic movements, stretches, compressions, touch techniques and postures for the sides of the body, chest, spine and low back arranged in a beautiful sequence.

• Utilizing the 6 degrees of motion for the spine, we will learn subtle touch techniques to help calm the central nervous system, rediscover Sen lines & key marma points + basic anatomy of major muscles of the back.

Each day will include time spent watching, learning and practicing massage on fellow participants. Course handouts will be provided.

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer or Credit Card •  Currently Paypal only via the website

Exact address given upon registration

Table&Side_Oct_Nov2020 (2).png

This course will provide you with a beautiful flow of movements & techniques that will expand your side lying repertoire.

Side lying can address the whole body. In fact, a full Thai Massage can be given in this position. Energy line work, marma points, brief review of musculature that make up the side body + unique ways of addressing the legs, hips, back body, shoulders, neck & head will be included.


Side lying is ideal for clients not comfortable lying flat on their back or face down for any reason, especially pregnancy. Much of the side lying work can also transfer to a table with a few adjustments. 

Open to certified Thai Massage practitioners looking to learn more skill sets.

10 CEU's NHPC / CMTO Cat A CEU's

DM to set up an automatic e-transfer or Credit Card • Currently Paypal only via the website

Street address will be given upon registration