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Dharma is not what you do, what you should do, not even what you want to do, but what you were born to do.       ~Aadil Palkhivala , class quote

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Tracey Currie

My Story ...

I love what I do. There is no doubt about it. As one of my most current teachers - a teacher of teachers - says, your dharma is what you were born to do. In this moment, I feel I am doing what I was born to do. Although ... it took years before this path lit up for me. I tried many things and have had a diverse range of jobs over the years.


After graduating from university, things didn't go as planned and it changed the path of my life. The next decade was a bit bumpy. I journeyed through an eclectic variety of jobs, a few address changes and did a whole lot of soul searching. It took something completely random for things to shift. I received a voicemail intended for someone else. This message, intended for a stranger from a stranger, changed my path. A melodious voice informed me a new series of yoga classes were to begin and call back for more information. At this point, yoga was not a household word. I didn't know anyone going to classes at the time yet this message seemed like a sign. So ... yes, I called for more info and checked out that class!


I soon found myself in a candle lit room full of people inside a century old church participating in my first yoga class. The anonymity of the darkened room enabled me to turn the attention inward, the focus easily moved to breath and body moving. The other people were mere shadows yet the warmth, the unified group pulse of breath and energy made the room feel charged with life. It was something completely new and exhilarating. The experience resonated deeply. That Autumn in 1996 marked the beginning of my path into the healing arts of yoga and Thai Massage. Five years and many yoga classes (in both Toronto and San Francisco) later, I took an inaugural 350 hr yoga teacher training with my first teacher - the one with the melodious voice. Right afterward, I certified as a Thai Massage practitioner. And 20+ years later, I'm blessed to say I’ve worked this whole time as a full time Yoga Teacher & Trainer + Thai Massage Practitioner & Teacher. I've accumulated over 14,000 yoga teaching hours, thousands of Thai Massage teaching hours and shared many 1000's of Thai Massages as a practitioner. And, I continue to take trainings in both modalities as often as I can.


Now based just east of Toronto in Durham Region, I am committed to holding space for people as they move attention inward and discover their body’s natural ability to move, rest and heal. Drawing from a rich background in movement and mindfulness, I ultimately seek to guide people toward living a healthy, vibrant life. Having honed my skills and developed areas of specialty in Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Chair Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage, it’s fair to say I support people as they navigate change during significant and uncontrollable life shifts using key tools of my trade – accessible movement, breath, mindfulness, yoga, deep conscious rest and compassionate touch.  

Courses & Trainings Completed - an overview:


Bachelor of Arts | Sociology w/ Physical Education minor | McMaster University

Bachelor of Arts | Dramatic Arts & Theatre | McMaster University


Inaugural 350 Hr Yoga Teacher Training | Yoga Space, Toronto, ON

Wide Variety of Continuing Education workshops & trainings in Yoga and Anatomy. An abbreviated list of teachers include: Darby, Hart Lazer, Ron Reid, Mark Whitwell, Janice Clarfield, Seane Corne, Judith Lasater, Baron Baptiste, Meghan Currie, Anodea Judith, Mark Finch, Ray Long, John Friend, Todd Norian, Rod Stryker, plus 100+ hrs with Aadil Palkivala


Thai Massage Certification | 70 hrs | Kam Thye Chow | Lotus Palm School | Montreal, PQ

Advanced Thai Massage | 20 hrs | Andrea Baglioni & Laurino (Sunshine Network) | Montreal, PQ

Thai Massage 'Teacher' Training | Kam Thye Chow | Lotus Palm School (spent 1.5 years observing, assisting then teaching)

Thai Foot Reflexology | 15 hrs | Old Medicine Hospital | Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chi Nei Tsang + Thai Abdominal Massage | 30 hrs | Sunshine Massage School | Chiang Mai, Thailand

Table Thai | 30 hrs | Lotus Palm School | Montreal, PQ

Thai Foot Reflexology | 15 hrs | Lotus Palm School | Montreal, PQ

Lomi Lomi | 15 hrs | Lotus Palm School | Montreal, PQ

Tok Sen | 20 hrs | Sasighan Prasertsri | New York City, NY USA

Dynamic Thai Massage | 45 hrs | Krishnatakis (Sunshine Network) | North Carolina, USA

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Tracey is a recognized E-RYT500 with the Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA) and Metta Movement Arts is a recognized school of Continuing Education with the CYA (CYA-RYS-CE)

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