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If you are NOT a current Online Studio Member and want to attend a single webinar ...

Click the button to fill out & submit the Waiver form BEFORE attending.
Then ... follow the link beside the class of choice below to register for your class. Thx!!

Wellness Webinars
Winter 2023 

These live online 90 minute webinars will focus on embodying self care methods meant to enhance vitality, boost immune system health, regulate the nervous system and generally feel more grounded and well within your whole being. 

The two webinars this Winter season will occur in the evening and are designed to help prepare the body for a good night's rest.

We're starting off with Let's Get Rolling! Rotating & Rolling to Unstick the Stuck

Prepare to use controlled articular rotations (CARS) of the shoulder, wrist, hip and ankle joints to warm up. Then using foam rollers or massage rollers, 2 tennis or tune up balls (or any other massage ball you might have at home), we'll roll our way toward melting muscular tension away!  

Register to save your spot.

By advanced request only, all webinars will be recorded and shared with attendees for 3 days.

Click on image to get webinar details.