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Mindfully Moving Bodies Over Two Decades

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Thai Massage is a form of bodywork that has been around for many 100's of years.  Also known as Nuad Boran, Thai Yoga Massage, Traditional Thai Massage or Ancient Massage, this bodywork has it's origins in India and draws from the yogic tradition. The person accredited with being the founding father of Thai Massage is Ayurvedic doctor, physician & friend to the Buddha - Jivaka Khumar Bhaccha.  Since this bodywork historically appeared in Buddhist temples as part of the Buddhist monks health care regime, it combines Yogic and Buddhist philosophies, yoga postures, Ayurvedic principles and martial arts style moves. Thai Massage is a comprehensive full-body treatment that manipulates & stretches tissue, mobilizes joints, moves energy, can relieve discomfort among other things and is effortlessly modified as needed to suit the receiver. 

Tracey has been a practitioner of Thai Massage for 20 years and a teacher for many of those years. She's shared 1000's of Thai Massage's to date and has been teaching certification courses and Thai Massage trainings for over 14 years. Having taught a number of  years for her Thai Massage alma mater - the well established Lotus Palm School in Montreal, PQ. Honouring the lineage and passion of her original teacher, Kam Thye Chow, Tracey now offers Thai Massage Continuing Education courses and is launching a certification training of her own in 2022 that uphold the standards and quality her teachers put forth.


• You will need about 5 min before your session to fill out a Client Intake Form.

• If you are experiencing any flu or cold symptoms the day or two leading up to or the day of your session, please contact me and we will rebook. I will also provide the same courtesy. 

• Thai Massage and/or Tok Sen are available on the massage table or at ground level on the mat. Both services are received fully clothed. For Thai Massage, please wear comfortable clothing that won't bind your movement. Preferably, wear long pants and long sleeved t-shirt or regular t-shirt. T-back tank tops and t-shirts with sticky decals/designs on the back are discouraged. For a Tok Sen session, please bring shorts to wear and a loose fitting shorter sleeved shirt or tank top is appropriate. Oil will be used (sparingly) during Tok Sen session. 

• If booking a home visit, please be sure there is a well ventilated space in your home large enough to accommodate the massage table or mat with room to walk around it comfortably. (approx 8x10 ft)

• Durham Region in-clinic sessions currently occur at Modo Yoga Brooklin (Studio B) in north Whitby, ON

Returning Client Feature




• Durham Region •


Receiving Thai Massage regularly adds to your

quality of life in many ways. Become a regular client and benefit from these savings. 

Valid for *in-clinic sessions in Whitby, ON.

(*Does not apply to home visits)

Every 3rd session is celebrated with a $20 savings!

(Can not be combined with another promotion)

Availability varies week to week so, ...


Thai Massage & Tok Sen Services

Please note:
As of January 2024, all services will incur a slight price increase per service.
In an attempt to keep these services accessible to as many people who may need them as possible, if there is genuine financial hardship please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss options. 

Tok Sen - 90 min
Home Visit
$155 +hst
Tok Sen - 90 min
$135 +hst
Thai Massage (Mat or Table) - 2 hour
Home Visit
$180 +hst
Thai Massage (Mat or Table) - 2 hour
$160 +hst
Thai Massage (Mat or Table) - 90 minute
Home Visit
$155 +hst
Thai Massage (Mat or Table) - 90 minute
$135 +hst

This is a Service List only. To book, please use the contact form   . Thx!

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