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RestoraTHAI© Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training + Thai Massage Basics + Integration

The world needs Restorative Yoga and Thai Massage more now than ever before! 

Unfortunately, anxiety levels are high in most communities after a year of uncertainty and significant change. Among the enormous benefits these practices individually have, they both serve to calm the nervous system and ease the effects of anxiety. Together they are a magical combination.


If you're already a certified 200hr Yoga Teacher and seek new ways to offer your client base the immense health and wellness benefits of the yoga, introducing RestoraTHAI to your class list will be a game changer. It will expand your student or client base and provide an offering to a wider range of people.


Immerse yourself in this powerful combination of two traditional practices. 

This 45 hour training is being offered in three contained modules running concurrently in-person and via Zoom. Choose to register for any combination of modules given certain requirements are met.     


October thru December 2021


In-Person: Whitby, ON

Zoom Option: avail by request 


Full Immersion offers the best savings! 

A) Full Immersion (45 hr):

Earlybird $825+hst/After $900 +hst


B) Any TWO modules (30 hr):

Earlybird $600 +hst/ After $660 +hst


C) ONE Module (15 hr):

Earlybird $330 +hst/ After $360 +hst 

MODULE #1  • Oct 30/31, 2021 • Restorative Yoga Essentials 

Pre-requisite: Completion of 200+ hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

This 15 Hr Essentials module will provide a solid foundation of material and knowledge about the restorative practice allowing you to safely, effectively and confidently lead restorative yoga classes.


Module includes but is not limited to:

  • a variety of popular restorative poses including a number of variations to suit different body shapes 

  • an introduction to reading or 'seeing' bodies in restorative postures in order to prop effectively for the individual

  • comprehensive visual and verbal cueing for safe set up, entry and exit into & out of poses

  • efficient and effective propping techniques for optimum comfort and deep rest in each pose

  • how to prop with limited props

  • a focus on the nervous system or Master system and how this practice affects it 

  • a brief look at restorative sequencing through the lens of the energy/prana body

  • allotted practice time with fellow students

MODULE #2 • Nov 27/28, 2021 • Restorative Yoga Enhanced

Pre-requisite: Completion of 200+ hr YTT + minimum 15 hr Restorative Training

This 15 hr Enhanced module will take you on a deeper dive into the poses providing a number of different options and set ups. And, we'll look a little deeper into the anatomy, subtle anatomy and science behind Restorative Yoga.


Module includes but is not limited to:

  • less common restorative poses with variations

  • utilizing things in your environment to create sturdy, safe props when limited props are available

  • logistics around offering Restorative Yoga online 

  • further exploration of the Master System and how it's influenced by this practice

  • more detailed look at the Prana Body, how energy flows in restorative poses & ways in which sequencing can be themed around this knowledge

  • pranayama techniques that can be utilized in class sequences to aid relaxation

  • sequencing restorative postures using a vinyasa-inspired model

  • allotted practice time with fellow students

MODULE #3  Dec 4/5, 2021 • RestoraTHAI© Integration

Pre-requisite: Completion of 200+ hr YTT + minimum 15 hr Restorative Training


This 15 hour Integration module includes but is not limited to:


  • the introduction (or review) and practice of basic Thai Massage touch techniques & methods, body alignment & positioning plus a brief introduction to energy lines (sip sen)

  • looking at restorative poses from the eye of the Thai Massage practitioner

  • learning how & when to share Thai Massage effectively and safely during a RestoraTHAI© class

  • integrating Metta Movement's Thai Massage cornerstones into this setting

  • discovering how this combination affects the central nervous system and prana body/sip sen

Metta Movement Arts is a Recognized School of Continuing Education (CYA-RYS-CE)

Please note:

• Previous Thai Massage training is NOT required. 

• You will be expected to both give and receive Thai Massage touch techniques throughout Module 3 therefore all  required PPE protocol, at the time of the course, will be utilized.

• This RestoraTHAI training will NOT qualify you as a Thai Massage practitioner yet will provide you with valuable hands-on tools and touch techniques to use in your restorative yoga classes or during passive postures in other classes.